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Straight Engagement Rings

Characterized by their elegantly refined silhouette, our straight engagement rings represent the perfect balance of timeless simplicity and stylish sophistication. Glittering accent diamonds and flourishes of intricate artisanary enhance the center stone without detracting from the purity of the silhouette. Designed to be cherished forever, our cathedral engagement rings will feel as tasteful and classic on your golden anniversary as they do today.

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Best Sellers - Cathedral Style Engagement Rings

Finding the right engagement ring is an exciting and rewarding experience. At Gabriel & Co., we offer a variety of beautiful, straight engagement rings. Our rings come in a wide selection of precious metals, stone settings, and customizable options to fit any budget while ensuring she receives the ring of her dreams.

Elegant Straight Engagement Ring Collection

A straight engagement ring refers to the shape and style of the band. When you think of a traditional engagement ring, a straight band is most likely what comes to mind. Other styles of rings feature bands that pinch, taper or twist around the setting, so a "cathedral" setting simply refers to types of rings that stay a uniform shape across the entire band.

Buying Gabriel & Co Straight Engagement Rings for your significant one

For truly traditional brides, a straight style ring is an excellent choice. Since these bands do not flare, taper or split off around the stone, it makes finding a complementary wedding band quite easy. Almost any style of wedding band will sit flush against this type of ring, giving a unified, beautiful look to the set.
A straight engagement ring is an equally lovely choice for non-traditional brides or those who prefer for there to have a more unique look that suits their style. Despite its uniform shape, this style of band can be crafted into such a variety of stunning pieces that it is easy to find a ring to suit any taste or lifestyle. Choosing a Gabriel & Co. ring will guarantee that your proposal is beautiful and memorable. Our engagement rings are crafted with care so that you can present her with a ring that is as gorgeous and one-of-a-kind as she is.