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Vintage & Antique-Inspired Engagement Rings

Each one of our vintage & antique-inspired engagement rings is an heirloom-quality piece that you’ll want to pass down for generations.

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In a world full of replicated products, originality tends to stand out, which is why you should consider buying a vintage-inspired engagement ring for your bride. Antique-Inspired engagement rings fall into the unique category of jewelry, one that features one-of-a-kind designs and classic styling. At Gabriel & Co, we have expert jewelers on staff to assess and purchase antique pieces for our collection. For an engagement ring to be considered vintage, it is typically younger than 100 years old but older than 50 years old. Along with its exceptional appearance, vintage jewelry often features better craftsmanship, a timeless quality and simpler gem cuts. If you’re shopping for something vintage, ask one of our jewelry experts to bring you rings that were made before 1950. This will ensure that you’re looking at true vintage pieces instead of new ones that display yesterday’s styling elements.

One-of-a-kind Vintage & Antique-Inspired Engagement Rings Collections

When it comes to engagement rings, vintage pieces often feature unique characteristics. Not only will an older piece come with a distinctive setting, but it will also have a rare cut center stone. In the past, artisans used different cuts than they do today. They did so because the craft along with its equipment has evolved over the years. In addition to unique cuts, antique engagement rings often have center stones made from colored gems instead of white diamonds. This adds originality to the jewelry item. Vintage jewelry tends to have historical significance. The era in which it was created may make the piece more valuable as could the way that it was crafted. Antique engagement rings have been passed down from generation to generation. Because of this, they frequently have a lengthy historical past that gives you a peak into yesterday.

Buying Gabriel & Co Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage & Antique-Inspired engagement rings from Gabriel & Co offer quality and value. By giving your bride a classic piece, you’ll be ensuring that her ring is something special, one that exudes a timeless style and exceptional artisanship.